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Name: Harriet-Beau Klapproth
Age: 15 years
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green/Brown
From: Burnley, Lancashire
Studies at: Kendal Collage

About me: I've done photography for about a year now and i'm getting better everyday but need some more experience so now we are hosting photoshoots for our models.
I live in Burnley Lancashire and study photography and catering at collage, i also love running and drumming. I love winter because of the snow, i like sitting down at night snuggled in a blanked with a hot chocolate. I have 10 bestest friends and a boyfriend, they all mean the world to me. 

A few things i hate: Backstabbers, Bitches, Lads that go out with girls for their looks, Friends that hate you behind your back, Wanna-be's, Racists, Discrimonists, Cheese, Really really hot weather, sunburn, slags and sluts.

A few things i love: My family, my friends, my boyfriend, winter, snow, cats, horses and all other animals, music, drums, sports, parties, photoshoots, quality photos, smiles, hugs, kisses, boys lending me there jacket, holidays, horse riding, running, dancing, chilling with friends, shopping, coca cola, photography, Example, Calvin Harris, Gorrilaz, Olly Murs, Lmfao, Maroon 5, Adam Lambert.

Favourite Photography: Modelling photography, macro.

Other things i do: Photo manipulating and editing.
Friday, 10-Jul-2020, 8:33 AM
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