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Date: 31-Aug-2011 | Added by: Admin
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1 Osoman  
i think our biggest thing is that we dont eat out. we prreape all our meals at home. i think its crazy the amount of restaurants in my small town & all of them are packed EVERY night. nobody cooks at home anymore. its expensive & a lot fo the time its not quality. we can still socialize w/ friends & lead a normal life. we have dinner parties & progressive dinners (where you travel from house to house of friends having a different meal course at each). we also dont over do it on alcohol. we maybe have a bottle of wine once a week w/ dinner. maybe its because we are older, but we've learned that meals prreaped ourselves are truly the best & being hung over the next day all for the sake of socializing is not for us.

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Sunday, 18-Aug-2019, 7:48 AM
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